Why Instagram?

Instagram is one of the popular video and photo-sharing social media networks in the current market. It was launched in 2010 and then acquired by Facebook. A lot of people use Instagram to discover new things. More people get to engage in the Instagram story features on a daily basis.

How Many People Uses Instagram?

  • Number of Photos shared on Instagram is 40 billion+
  • Number of likes in Instagram posts per day is 4 million+
  • 550 million+ Instagram accounts are active everyday.
  • 850 million+ Instagram accounts are active every month.
  • Most of the Instagram accounts follow a business on Instagram, approximately 80%.
  • Number of people spend time on Instagram stories are 300 million+
  • Posts that include hashtag get more engagement

We can see that engagement on Instagram is huge every month (https://www.similarweb.com/website/instagram.com#overview). The average page visit duration is also a good number.

Wow! the global rank of Instagram is only 6 (https://www.similarweb.com/website/instagram.com#overview). The above figures self supports how much is Instagram popular in 2020 and will continue this in the coming years.

Why Instagram is More Market Friendly?

  1. Video and photos grab more attention compared to text always. So, people get more engaged on Instagram with visual content.
  2. People either use it for their personal posts to increase followers or uses it for businesses to enhance their branding, drive customers and get more business.
  3. Here we can categorize our audience.
  4. Eran money through sponshorships

Hence, Instagram is more marketer-friendly.

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What is the Impact of Instagram Profile in Business?

Your Instagram profile plays an important role either to increase your business or followers. 

  • Name: It is the first and foremost thing to introduce to you. So here write your real name or brand name. Also, you can write the name you are popular among people. In Instagram searches, only your name and username appears. So it is important to give proper keyword of your niche or brand to appear in the search result.
  • Username: Your Instagram username should directly define your customers.
  • Website:  Provide your real website URL.
  • Bio: This is the only place where a link will work on Instagram. Your bio should explain directly to your brand or capability with contact details.
  • Contact info: Provide your correct contact information to people to communicate with you
  • Profile Picture: This plays a major role in your introduction. It helps to increase your followers upto some extent. For business, the profile picture would be their company or brand logo. Always upload a clear good looking picture for your profile picture.

@dmmstaps (https://www.instagram.com/dmmstaps/) has used most of the fields to make it a good one. 

For more profile tips check out my blog https://mstaps.com/2020/02/26/a-complete-guide-to-use-instagram/.